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I did start using heroin at the age of 25 years old. Been in and out of treatment due to heroin. Also been in jail because of violation of my probation. Put my family and children through a lot due to my addiction and me being so selfish I did not care who I hurt included myself. I have overdose a lot of times and I still included to use one day hoping god would send me home. I would go to treatment to get off the drug and get through the detox and go through counsel to talk about what makes me go back. I have been homeless due to my addiction living downtown and selling everything I had to get my fix so I would not be sick. I have three children ones 17 years, 15 years and 4 years old from the grace of god and i lost all three of them due to my addiction. Even though I have put my family though hell but I am very blessed that my family took custody of my children and do not have them go to state. And as January 10, 2019 I got locked up and went to jail, and was send to 1617 Reading Rd and got out April 15, 2019 and was send to sober living on Mc Millan. And every since then I have been sober, been doing meetings, talking to people when I have the urge to use. Been in and out of these doors and rooms of NA IAA for 1 years. Hopefully I won’t have another relapse because I am tired but if it does possible happen, then learn from it and pull myself back and not beat myself up about it. This is my story. Thank you.